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The first half of this documentary about crazy anti-immigrant racists in Prince William County, Virginia is great. Unfortunately, it completely falls apart in the second half. The directors seem to explain this by saying that the immigrant community dropped out of the debate over the country’s racial profiling laws after they lost the county vote. That may well be true, but it’s not a good excuse for them dropping out of your movie. Presumably they had some connections within that community and could have interviewed some of these people. The story about less crazy white people repealing the worst parts of this law is a not so horrifying ending, but it also makes the second half of the film really drag. As for whether the directors should have inserted themselves so strongly in the film, I rather doubt it. They did become part of their story through posting clips on the intertubes and other devices the kids use, but in a sense the story became far less interesting after they revealed it. Important subject, passable film. Probably wouldn’t show it in class, despite the outstanding footage in the first half. Maybe some clips.