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Django Unchained

Oh Quentin. You are so amazingly talented and so equally undisciplined. You put together one of the great first halves of any films in history. There was nothing about the first half, really the first two-thirds, was that anything less than perfect. You took a classic genre of a strong man rescuing his woman from the bad guys and set it in the worst thing in American history. Some critics were disturbed by this because they want their slavery films to consist of long moral speeches and biopics, but forget about them. It was entertaining and ungodly disturbing. The scene where the slave gets ripped apart by dogs is one of the most ghastly scenes in American cinema. You nailed the horrors of slavery better than just about anyone in American film. Combining horror, reality, and good old fashioned entertainment is all anyone can ask for in film and you delivered. You cast the film well and directed it brilliantly.

And then you remembered that you were Quentin Tarantino and that you liked schlock and that you couldn’t take anything too seriously and that you had called your film Django. You had no idea how to finish the film. So you made a joke of it and directed a disastrous last third that has 3 different endings and leaves the audience unsatisfied. Not only did you have to cast yourself again, but you gave yourself an absurd Australian accent. We could all buy that Django was going to end up with his woman again, however many white people he had to kill. And we all wanted to see lots of white people die in really violent ways. So thanks for that. We all know you love your own words, for better or for worse. But could you please rework your scripts more to take your entertaining but flawed films to entertaining and great? You were so, so close here. I so wanted this to be one of the great all-time films. For almost 2 hours, I thought it might be. And then, no.

Still far, far better than Lincoln.