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Peter Neal and Nicholas Roeg’s film chronicles the 1971 Glastonbury Festival in England. Like most documentaries about music festivals of the era, you have lots of naked hippies dancing around, bands of various quality, annoying people playing at various religions, etc. The music is OK. I guess you are supposed to know who all the bands are, but unless you really know your early 70s British rock scene, you probably won’t. It could have ended worse than a performance by Traffic. And ultimately it’s OK I guess. It chronicled a scene and a time. When the filmmakers or anyone else at the time probably didn’t realize though is that it chronicled some people who were simply very, very annoying.

Given that it’s Britain, you have the added joy of songs about British medieval stuff and trolls and fairies and whatever. So I guess you begin to understand how a band like Jethro Tull could develop. Not that they are in the film.