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02_Hostile Country (1950)

Ah, the D western. Not the B western. Those are still kind of good. The D western. That’s what Hostile Country is. Directed by Thomas Carr and starring some people associated with Hopalong Cassidy, this is a ridiculous film. It has horses and gunplay. It has awful acting and a terrible script. It has a laughably stupid plot. It sort of revolves around two guys coming to town. James Shamrock Ellison is coming to take over half a ranch owned by his stepfather who he has never met. His buddy Russell Hayden is with him. They shoot the guy they think is his stepfather for cheating at cards. Of course it’s not really. There’s also a girl who owns a ranch who needs to get her horses through a fence the bad guys have put up to save her ranch. Although when she does at the end, she owns like 12 horses. Some ranch. There’s some other stuff too, but who cares.

So why watch a bad western? Because there are horses and gunplay and bad acting and a stupid plot. It’s genre film at its, well not finest, but pinnacle of mindless bad entertainment. Which has its place.