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the big chase PDVD_028

Americans have given much to the world. That includes film, or at least a good share of it. They’ve also given the 20 minute chase scene. When you have a 60 minute film, the chase is pretty much the point, as is the case in Arthur Hilton’s The Big Chase. This isn’t a great film. Starring a bunch of actors phasing out of once reasonably successful careers (Glenn Langan, Adele Jergens) and Lon Chaney Jr in a small role, The Big Chase has a dumb and underdeveloped plot about a cop and his pregnant wife and a bunch of gangsters who try to rob a truck. Standard stuff. Is this good? No, not really. But it’s not bad. And it is entertaining for an hour. It’s barely a movie but it’s totally worth a brainless watch. Good action, a few laughs at the plot holes. No complaints.