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A scene from Idiots and Angels

Bill Plympton’s Idiots and Angels starts out strong. It’s a story about a horrible human being who bullies others, sells illegal guns out of a bar, and generally has no good reason to live. But then he develops wings because a caterpillar grows in his hair. Our hero doesn’t want to do anything good. He wants to be a worthless piece of crap. But much to his chagrin, the wings won’t let him. His wings inspire jealousy among the bar owner where he spends his time and a corrupt doctor.

But this is where an interesting story goes horribly wrong. The last 20 minutes of this film are a total disaster. None of it makes sense, especially the bar maid falling in love with her. I’m fine with a film about greed and what it leads people to do, but that’s not really the film of the first 50 minutes. The love story is completely implausible and Plympton just doesn’t set it up. The rest of the story goes off kilter as well. Too bad.

Interesting animation and part of a really good story, but this ultimately falls into mediocrity.