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Scott Pembroke and Joe Rock directed Stan Laurel in this 1925 caper about a young, dumb, and lonely sailor serving in Latin America on one of the United States’ imperialist invasions. He is on laundry duty and miserable. An officer gets a letter from his senorita inviting him to bring a friend to dinner. Half the movie is Laurel following him around to procure that invitation. Dinner is a disaster because Stan can’t get any food from the intense eaters he’s dining with. Then he tries to romance his officer’s lady and that angers the natives who come after him. After a sombrero-filled chase scene, he and his officer get captured by the locals. Who knows what happens next. I hoped this would at least be a fairly entertaining caper and there are some OK jokes despite the inherent exoticism of a film like this, but overall the gags last way too long.

Also, Stan Laurel wore a lot of makeup in his silent films.