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Toots and Casper was a popular comic strip from 1919 until 1956. Given the terrible nature of the comic section in today’s dying newspapers, I know the idea of a strip actually ending is hard to fathom (we need another 3 decades of B.C.!). Toots and Casper were newlyweds. They had a young child named Buttercup and a very bad dog who wore a giant bow named Spareribs. Casper is the classic put upon husband, hard working but can’t catch a break. Toots is her younger and much more attractive wife. In 1928, there was a series of short films created to translate this for the silent screen. Directed by Earl Montgomery, Bud Duncan was Casper and Thelma Hill was Toots. This doesn’t hold up well over time. It’s pretty broad comedy without much sophistication or even very good laughs. The plot is simple. They are going on vacation, their second honeymoon. Toots’ rich cheapskate uncle and his bratty child show up unannounced and go on vacation with them. And then all sorts of bad things happen but Casper can’t tell him off because he’s rich. So that’s about it. There are some falls, but they aren’t real funny. Their are a few visual gags, but they are pretty bland. It’s just pretty meh.