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Sofia Coppola tells stories about what she knows–bored and aimless Hollywood elites. That’s OK, it’s the world she grew up in. Even Marie Antoinette is basically this story placed in a different time and place. At best the films can be really great, like Lost in Translation. But generally, it’s hard to make this type of story compelling. Somewhere is a totally decent film, but it’s also a bit tough to care. Stephen Dorff plays the gigantic Hollywood star. But of course he’s not too happy. He drinks, he has sex with hot women, he travels around, he drives his Ferrari on the L.A. roads, but really what does that add up to?

He does have a good relationship with his 11 year old daughter (Elle Fanning), but more as a playmate. He’s far away. She lives with her mother who is evidently a mess for unclear reasons. So when the mother drops her off with Dorff to spend some time before she goes to camp because Mom “needs some time,” he’s not real sure what to do. So of course they fly first class to Milan and stay in ultra-luxurious accommodations because he’s making some appearances there. And it’s harder for him to sleep with so many hot women since he’s at least a little bit concerned about what she thinks. And they mostly have a good time. But Dorff still isn’t happy because he sees the emptiness of his own life.

So it’s OK. A reasonably well-made film about characters very difficult to care about too much. Not that I need to like a character or even sympathize with a character. But I need a bit more than this.